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your game are just great! im gonna take a look at all 🙌

Hey dude, really love your game. I used it as inspiration for a tiny scratch project. Maybe young aspiring game devs will learn something from it.

Scratch Project

Ended up playing it for a while with my brother. Good idea to add the two player mode! I can't see how you could improve that much on this, because it's a nice game over all.

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Great work. The art and sound effects are great and really fun game play. Great with 2 people. 

Great game! had fun playing it with my brother: 9/10 if i were judging


Perfectly executed! Instantly felt "Wow, fuck that guy" as soon as my neighbour attacked me. 

Yeah man, that guy's a jerk! What he needs is a bird box to the face.


Loved it xD

The game looks great and is very impressive for only being made in 2 days :O

Good job you should be really proud of your game :D

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Pretty happy with the 2 days work!


Very fun game! The graphics are stunning and love the concept!


Glad you had fun! Simple concepts are sometimes the best, I find.