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Simply wonderful! Congratulations.

i really love it though the walking speed i think is to slow

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What is the difference between this and the other remake, Exolon DX from 2005/06?

Made by totally different people

I meant gameplay-wise.

I love this ! beautiful pixel art and game is fun


I will be playing this live 6/28 around 6:30-7 EST =).

Wow i love the art style, this is a work of art :)

Awesome game !

Very fun game. I enjoyed it a lot. Great job! 

Hi Ben ! My sincere congrats ! One question I got level 50 and then screen stuck in black screen and couldn´t continue playing it. Is there an error to load the game ?Far apart from this question. Your version is a master piece. Greetings.

Sorry that happened to you! I don't know why. Glad you enjoyed the game nonetheless.

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I found the same issue playing on the web version.

Great remake.

Kinda cool game, I love it


Really fun and so nostalgic! Does the game have an ending? 


Yes; as with the original, this version has 125 'zones' after which the game is completed.

I had a lot of fun playing it! Great work!

very good

This might be my favorite version of this game. Well done!

Gracias por el juego

It's so cool. I really like the pixel art and animations