Escape from the Island of Finalem in this text-based adventure game.

The game is mouse controlled - Follow the in-game prompts to learn more.

There are multiple endings - some good, some bad. Look out for the Easter Eggs '42' and 'XYZZY'.

Note: given the branching nature of this game, it is not possible to gain a 100% rating.

Made for Text Only Jam 2019

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorBen James
Made withDefold
Tagsdrag-and-drop, Experimental, Mouse only, Text based


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Watch Text Only Jam (8 Bits to Infinity) Feedback Part 2/2 from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Whoa, this one's really good! I like how the UI makes it faster to understand the scenes than traditional text adventures. There could have been more music tracks, maybe changing each time you entered a whole new area? Some of the puzzles were logical, some were just "try items I have with object/person in the scene". Some of the combinations should have worked both ways. For example: Tinderbox works on wooden club with oily rags, but not the other way around. Or was it the opposite? In any case, should be both. But overall, an excellent entry to the jam!

There was an old series of adventure games that worked with two panes of words, kind of like this does. Being based on combining items instead of pairing verbs with nouns gives it a more modern vibe though. I like it a lot.

Here's an example of one of those old two pane games:

Nice game. The first time I got captured by the guards it felt a bit arbitrary and abrupt. Made it to a proper ending after that. Only criticism I have is that most puzzles are pretty simple to solve by using anything on everything else, and sometimes the solution is a little nonsensical (I'm thinking of the warhammer and the fisherman).

Overall good though.