Use your trusty jet-pack to navigate through each hazardous level. You have a single button (space bar) to control the game. If in doubt press or hold the space bar.

Bonus points for gems collected and hearts remaining are awarded at the end of each level.

Note: game is presently a little bit crashy. Sorry if this happens to you.

Made for 1-Button Jam 2019

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Music: RoccoW & xyce - De Jongens Met De Zwarte Schoenen (Outline 2017) by RoccoW is licensed under a CC-BY-SA Creative Commons License.

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorBen James
Made withDefold
Tags16-bit, 1-button, 2D, 8-Bit, Game Jam, jetpack, Pixel Art


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Really cool, poslished & playable, well done !

Watch Game Jam Feedback 2019-12-01 from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Definitely more fun that Flappy Bird.. S'ry for comparison, haha ^^'
As said on Twitter I really do enjoy the fact we can walk from time to time.
Big up to composers also <3


woaaaah! awesome!! really cool game, the gameplay is a common one for 1-button games, but in this one the progression and difficulted is well thought.

And the graphism/music are neat too!

Good job!!

This was pretty fun! The music was my favorite part.