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Great game! Congratulations!


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We included it in our top five video for this week!

Awesome, thank you! I'm happy you liked the game.


i just kept falling

Oh dear!


Great game but I found one mistake. Character hangs on a pin.

It's a full game but called a demo?
Does that mean you plan on making it bigger?

excellent game

Very addictive

:) What a quick yet fun little experience I had. Great work and hope to see more! 

Everithing is this game is awesome

Cool game, I like it. Maybe a couple of glitches... the part where you have to drop from 4 blocks over a laser didn't work every time, also I got stuck at the last elevator at the end by dropping into it.

Nice graphics and colours it was fun to play :)

Hey, that was fun! Nice graphics and music :)

Genuinely got hooked. Good game!

Very nice :-)

VERY cool! Very nice work, GG!