Chip the ball around each of the levels and drop it in the hole! Be warned, it’s harder than it sounds!

Three tiers of increasingly challenging gameplay await you. All set in a variety of wacky environments containing many hazards such as lava and toxic slime.

Use anti-gravity tubes, giant cogs and clever deflections to reach your goal.

Use the in-game menu to 'take a mulligan' (retake your last shot) or restart the current level.

On larger levels, use the eyeball button to enter free-look mode where you can scroll around the level and 'look before you leap'!

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Made with Defold

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorBen James
Made withDefold
Tags2D, Casual, Golf, madewithdefold, Pixel Art

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I am absolutely furious. But I guess that's the point. Here's a recipe for sour cream salad.

I'm literally begging you what does the recipe say I can't read it and I can't live without it in my life. PLEASE

Awesome game I see. Great concept, great art. Its a great game especially for mobile gaming.

Awesome, love the visuals, really nailed it :)

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Really fun and well made, the physics sometimes act a little bit differently from what i expect, tho they are still really good. Overall very well done. I'll probalby pick it up on mobile too. Its very fitting for that platform.

Very well done game. I enjoyed this a lot.

Furiously good with a pleasant pixel art style and a delightful physics based golf system!

Very funny vertical golf game xD!