The aim of the game is to take-off from the aircraft carrier, and fly towards the enemy island. You will have to speed-up your Harrier or it will run out of fuel before getting all the way over the island. You will also have to avoid the guided missile launched by the enemy patrol boat.

You will be under almost constant attack from the air and from land-based anti-aircraft fire. You may attempt to shoot down the enemy planes and the land-based weapon with your short-range rocket fire. You may also bomb artillery as you fly over the island, but be careful to keep enough bombs in reserve to wipe-out the enemy base.

Having completed your mission you will have to fly back to your carrier and land before your fuel runs out.

At any time during the game you may eject and abort the mission.If you eject just before your plane is destroyed then you will receive bonus points for saving your life.

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Made with Defold

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Made withDefold
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back to the past, great !


Me encanta. I like it. Congratulations.