Entry for Ludum Dare #43 (Jam) with the theme "Sacrifices Must Be Made".

The Ice People need to fullfil their destiny of cooling off a warm fizzy beverage. They can only achieve this by sacrificing some of their kin in the pools of lava which, for some reason, lay between them and their goal.

When an ice person, which looks like an ice cube (I'm hopeless at animation) comes into contact with lava (or similar) it solidifies that lava into solid rock.  The next ice person will then be able to use that solid piece as a platform and thus progress further into the level.

Beware also of spike pits and air mines.

Controls are included in the game. Left and right cursor keys can be used if preferred.

There are currently 4 levels to play through.

Good luck, have fun and thanks for playing!

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Love it! :)