Aliens have taken over the moonbase and turned it into a giant hive! You and your flamethrower have other ideas.

  • Destroy all alien eggs and roaming aliens
  • Avoid contact with aliens and laser beams
  • Your suit protects you from fire
  • Navigate via Navicom terminals
  • Look out for secrets and easter-eggs

Theme used: Kill it with Fire

Made for LOWREZJAM 2022

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
AuthorBen James
Made withDefold
Tags2D, Aliens, LOWREZJAM, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Weapons


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pretty good game in general

damned. my gamepad doesnt work here ... hmm


ben james ate again 

It's hot here

You kind of make this look easy. 


this. game. is. AWESOME

AMAZING level design.

love the game. Flamethrower is really satisfy to use.

Loved the atmosphere, great game!

Loved it. It's a nice and relaxing game to play. Plus how the game itself has that old school look makes it really refreshing.

extremely addicting with great music!


This is just the kind of game pixel art needs: simple mechanics, a catchy soundtrack, an exotic setting, a high score, and secrets. Two constructive criticisms: 1) Warn the player before entering the shuttle so he doesn't accidentally end the game. 2) Change the colour of the aliens to something easier to spot (unless, of course, they are meant to be a bit tricky to see). Aside from that, I have nothing to add :)

This is so polished and well rounded, simply wonderful!


This was such a fun game. Keep up the great work! 

Really awesome game! The music was very fitting too. A few suggestions: On the map screen, you could show the position of Health or Fuel once discovered but uncollected so you can return and find them when needed. Also, a menu screen that would show the items you collected, like Cat Collar, and include a brief description too like, "Jones will appreciate this." etc. I collected 3/3 secrets, and 3/3 discs on the second play-through. Since the eggs show up on the map, getting 400/400 is straightforward. I got 85 kills the second time, but is that ALL of them? Some aliens ran out of the room either before I could burn them or while they were on fire and I lost track of them. Is that all of them? SPOILER: Clever hiding that last secret near the landing zone! Great game! Would love to see more! A++

This was fantastic! Well done!

i love this! especially because Alien Trilogy is one of my favourite games…and this is almost a 2d version. Great work!


Incinerator Walkthrought


Basically Aliens! Absolutely amazing!

I had a lot of fun playing this, although I ran out of fuel for my flamethrower with only about a quarter of the map cleared, and I couldn’t find any way to refill it. Did I miss something?

Tidy charming low-rez thing. Eggs 400/400, deaths 0, time 15:00, secrets 0/3 discs 0/3 rank A+.  Restarted once when I ran out of Treibstoff fur Flammenwerfer just wandering around impotently bumping into eggs and monsters. 

This is great! I'm expecting some kind of boss fight in the end lol. Still good, though.


You exactly hit the point of retro/lowres gaming with this game! I grew up in the early 80's, with atari2600 and c64. your game is very close to the real game play feeling of this time, compliments! The most projects in this direction don't reach this goal. But... I also cannot find the golden key for le last Room...

First of all, this was a great game.  Loved the visuals, loved the Aliens motif, and it was quick enough to play in one sitting.  However, I went over the first level 3 times and could not find the yellow key.  Is it possible that if I picked it up but went to the second level before using it that I would lose it for the rest of the game?

Now you mention it, it would be possible to lose a key if you pick up another of the same color before using the first one. I'll update the game so you can't do that. Thanks for the feedback!