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Moon Golf is an easy-to-play side-on golf game. There are 3 courses of 9 holes.

How to Play

Mouse controlled. Click and drag the mouse (or touch) to set the ball angle and power. Release to shoot the ball. You can have as many tries as you need. Try not to shoot the ball out of bounds (to the left and right of the screen). You can however, hit the ball as high as you like to clear mountainous obstacles.

Known bugs

  • Occasionally the ball gets stuck in the scenery. Press the reset button if this happens.
  • Rarely the game will crash moving between menu and game. Please reload if this happens.

Made for Easy Jam (8 Bits to Infinity)

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Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorBen James
TagsGolf, Gravity, lunar, moon, Physics, Space


Moon_Golf_Win32.zip 3.7 MB

Install instructions

You know what to do with a ZIP file, right? Of course you do.


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Why does the ball only roll a little bit when I hit it?

You need to drag the arrow out further.

Fun game, and it got challenging in the end. Love the music, it was super chill.

cool game. i like that the moon lander wasn't just background and that the earth was included :D

This game is so much fun! I would definitely play more levels, it was simple yet super enjoyable. Great job on the game, looks and feels great :) Game

play is below if interest :)

Really great game. Good visuals and music. 

Wow, this game has a really nice vibe to it!

cool game, there are a lot of levels and it feels good to play, maybe make the backgrounds more interesting by sometimes making a meteor fly in the background or something like that