Guide the caterpillar around collecting green pills. Each time a pill is eaten a new segment of caterpillar appears, trailing behind the head.

Avoid the various hazards and reach the exit. The exit is unlocked by eating all the green pills on the level. There are 8 levels increasing in difficulty.

Made for Weekly Game Jam #78 with the theme "grow".

Move using WASD or the cursor keys.

Thanks for playing and have fun!

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AuthorBen James
Made withDefold


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Cool game!

You guys better call me obscure elite form now on :-D


Watch Weekly Game Jam 78 from Tiger_J on


Such a cool game! so high quality! Love it!


This is a very nicely made game! I think it looks great and I especially like how the levels look distinct from one another. The levels are all well designed and challenging. Overall excellent job!


I did it!  Thanks for the game :)

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Well done! Those last couple of levels are quite tough. That 7% health tho...


Yeah, there were a couple of spots where I couldn't figure out how to avoid damage...the circling things on the left of the level, for instance.  
Had to make it look exciting at the end, right?!