You are trapped in a haunted mansion. There is no one else around.. or is there? Explore your surroundings and find a way to escape! With no weapons, you have only your wits to help you.

Made in about 5 days for MadeWithDefold Jam 2022

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Updated 11 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
AuthorBen James
Made withDefold
Tags2D, Escape Game, Horror, Monsters, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer


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noice game but im not a fan of horror games so im out

Love it.  Creepy, with some good tension.  Fun to explore the house. Some nice storytelling. Great visuals.  Great job!

Getting faster, 14:51 although first death so far

was fun. i expected more stuff to be hidden in drawers and such. as well as some interaction withthe sticky things.

15:18!! Rawr <3

Love it! Resident evil vibes which is perfect.

16:43! But the locked chest has me puzzled. It probably has a secret to it. Hmm...

first try 12:51!! This was awesome!!! I loved it :)
a beautiful little challenge with a good scary atmosphere!

I'd recommend this to any one!

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it`s a nice game. love it

i love this game ,it's  short and pretty fun to play,i have enjoyned very well the gameplay,and have good history

First attempt, so good average playtime.
Enjoyed this. Go beat my time and give love to Ben James.

Short and sweet, love this game!! My only query is whether the locked chests can even be opened? If not, then this could be a great way of adding more puzzles if the game ever gets expanded. If yes,, how?


This game is beautiful!

I felt inspired by this, and love the survival horror aspect of it.

And the fear mechanic is awesome!


My god this is good


This was a simple but fun game! I felt tension and was scared whenever the phantom showed up. I really appreciate that we didn't have to restart from the top when we got scared to death. I took 20 mins and 4 tries (and all of the times I died is because I was opening a lockbox XD)

It is not a bad game, but I would have liked some cinematic or some pictures or something at the end. Despite of that is a very nice game, with nice graphics and sounds.

Wednesday the 7th letter says "growns"
Should prolly be groans

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cool, if u want to continue, u could insert most difficult puzzles and mechanic of the phantom, it's a good game for begginers, but the gameplay get a repetitive and can get bored, also the history ins't very good, but there is a good potential, my favorite part is the map and art style. Btw:

Time Taken: 31 mins and 19 seconds


I really enjoyed playing this very atmospheric, well concepted game. Is there a way to download it? I'd love to keep it in my personal collection of indie games.

Thanks! I'm happy you enjoyed. Have added a download link for you.

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Hi Ben. That's fantastic, thank you so much! =)

like the pixel painting style

This was a fun little game. I felt a bit of tension getting away from the bad guy, and trying to figure out the puzzle before he got me. Very much enjoyed.

Oh hey, cute game! Spooky mansion games unite!

Neat game! The mansion had a lot of rooms so it was a good challenge to get through! I did feel a bit tense at times as well! I had a fun time! Great work on this!

29 minutes it take me... it was fun.. i liked the graphics,...sound etc...
maybe just to do main caractar a litle beter,goust is good :D 
sounds great... it was nice exploration :) 
Only one way on the end i dint explore..couse right led me to end game :D 
but all rest yes ... and it was nicely done :) 
its just nice... great work :) 

wow, i really enojoied the game! 

great game and graphics, always amazed at how prolific you are, well done.

Nice job! Had a bit of that old 'Quest' vibe, although this was simpler and shorter. The sound effects in combination with the scary ghost worked well. Feel like there's far more you could do with this house!


nice retro puzzle

that was amazing, i loved it! i feel like there was more to find out if i played again

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I died once in-game and basically died several times irl with how scary it felt. Great game!