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Made it in 1 try! It was pretty fun 😁

pretty cool game! enjoyed it a lot, had a bit of trouble remembering the codes tho


SUCH a fun game!! Absolutely had a blast! The puzzle aspect was interesting and I had to strategize how to make sure to avoid the ghost and collect all the lockboxes. My full gameplay is here! :D

Fantastic! This little pearl of a game reminded me in many aspects of the vibe when playing adventure on my atari vcs 2600. It could be made for the 2600er... 

I escaped throught the east passage of the hidden court yard. Is there another way? 

Well done! You found the only way out.

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Argh. Ok, got the combination, but how do I ENTER it? RETURN or gamepad-keys do not work!

HELP! I am trapped in a spooky house!!

Very cool ambience. Loved the game, maybe the creature could have a little more tension following , and more secrets to explore!

i really had fun!

first try

Really fun horror experience. kinda had trouble remembering all of the codes, though opening the chests was satisfying. managed to escape in one go but I still wonder what was in the wood chest, would play again.

it was a fun experience, nice game

tried speedrunning it👍

Very fun, well made game!

Very good game! Nice pixel art

I love the game

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Great game! Very fun and spooky. Would love to play another one with secret passages and more object interaction.Would make a fun GTLive video I bet - definitely some lore here. 

Rude of that person to do a B&E and write in my books though.

I escaped via wall glitch but all in all it was a cool UX... definitely had the tension building with the theme and atmosphere of the game. Will most certainly try this one again. Kudos!

what the engine used for make this game?

Defold engine


A really good pixel game!

A good pastime :)

Pretty good little adventure game. Definitely gave a cool sense of uneasiness throughout it

Very Sparey

Like the art style!

hey your game have some bugs but i really enjoyed it

Nice job, i really liked the pixel art and the atmosphere, keep it up!

I really enjoyed this! Good style and atmosphere. Loved the phantom and the layout.

Really cool game


Pretty cool game! I like the design and storytelling. I’m just curious about the oak chest you find mid game. I replayed the game but couldn’t find a way to open it, if there is one.

I have the same question about the chest :0

The chest continues to bug me....

Time taken: 16:11

The pixel art style was very nice and I liked the sound design and moving vignette around the screen, good atmosphere. I also quite liked the map layout, it wasnt too complex to the point where you could get badly turned around but it wasn't easy to memorise. My one gripe would be that I think having every item be interactable was a bit misleading, it made me think there would be some environment puzzle with the furniture when there wasn't anything like that. I ended up ignoring all the furniture text which could have ended badly but thankfully didn't hurt the experience.

first round 19:59 mins, pretty fun but some more detail could be added. Like rhings in drawers or names on the gravesstones. 

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Time taken-22:25
Continues-0 Whatever that means


nice game




Loved the overall graphic design of the game and the phantom itself! The only critique I would have is that I felt like after I was out of the first section and was hunting for the chests and gems, I felt like the phantom and I ran into each other very few times and when we did it was quite easy to get away. Maybe there could be some programmed times along with the random AI hunts (along the hidden path on the way out, after putting the stones into the indentation and getting the key, etc.). The other side note I had (it's on the side because I may just be a little dumb), but I was confused when I got the first code and it said the orange lockbox, and then I found what is actually the yellow lockbox. Although when I saw the yellow lockbox I thought it was orange and kept debating whether it was orange or there is possibly a yellow lockbox as well.

Love the work and hope it continues to grow into an amazing experience!


P.S. I expected more stuff to be hidden in drawers and such. as well as some interaction with the sticky things and the plants felt like a red herring <3




14:05, no deaths.

I really enjoyed this game!


Love it.  Creepy, with some good tension.  Fun to explore the house. Some nice storytelling. Great visuals.  Great job!


Getting faster, 14:51 although first death so far


was fun. i expected more stuff to be hidden in drawers and such. as well as some interaction withthe sticky things.


15:18!! Rawr <3

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