The war against the nano-machines has begun!

Take control of your nano-ship and destroy the swarming nano menace. Sentries, spawners and other fodder stand in your way. Battle past the bosses!

Made for UDGJ#1 2019

A / D or ARROW KEYS : move clockwise / counterclockwise
SPACE : toggle shooting ON/OFF
Q : quit game

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Made with Defold

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
AuthorBen James
Made withDefold
Tags2D, Bullet Hell, microbes, nano, Pixel Art, tiny


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I love this game.
As I've  played Gyruss when i was younger, I find your game very playable.
The CPU tracks the player, many usefull  bonuses,  nice and original design.
The bosses are hard to beat
This is  a great game.
Can you add a desktop version with joypad control please ?


grat game:) Completed- My final score: 47410


Great game!! 2 bosse fights are very intense!


Very satisfying :D  automatic firing allows me now to play it all the time :D would love a mobile version!  I really like your games, all of them :D  

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Great game! One of the best so far you've released so far. I like the intensity on some levels!

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Is there a reason to not shoot? May I suggest making shooting become automatic once you first move?

Try adding accelerometer support for rotation and upload an apk? :)

All of these suggestions are great. Would love to see them in the future too