Navigate to the portal exit using the level mechanics to hit targets. Move crates, activate teleporters and ride elevators to reach the goal.

How To Play
Use the keyboard or touch controls to move around the platforms. Shoot fireballs at the coloured targets to activate mechanics. Open the portal and jump through to progress. Controls are displayed in the game.

Red - open the exit
Green - activate the elevator
Blue - activate then teleporter

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Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorBen James
Made withDefold
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Retro


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Nice puzzle game. My only "complain" is that the star system is never properly explained. For a time I thought stars were given based on time in the level or number of key pressed stars. It was just a number of retries. :D 

Other than that I have no complains other that some levels have "cheese" but that's not here nor there.

Great Game!


this isnt a dnd-inspired ttrpg


Love this game! The art style is great and its fun to play! Is there a way to tell which way the ball will go? Because I have gotten stuck trying to fix a puzzle to realize it goes a completely different direction. Great game tho!

The fireballs 'wobble' slightly left and right or up and down depending which axis they will go. You can then look along that axis to determine which is the logical way it will go. Thanks for playing!

Great game! Is there any way to save the progress and to continue there after closing and restarting the browser? 

That game automatically saves the game progress. If you clear the browser cache that will lost though.

Pretty cool! I really miss this feature in Crystal Caverns 2 (and also a Mac version ;-) Any plans like this?


Stand next to the mirror and press 'C'.


I love this!! The graphics are so cute and the puzzles are challenging :)

Good fun puzzle game! Lots of good puzzles. I found the easy ones pretty challenging, and the hard make you really think and have fast controls. but the controls feel nice.

Pathfinder (Full Game)


Impressive! Thanks for posting

I can't use the teleporter on 1st level/normal difficulty, am I missing something? X, C, up, down etc do nothing.


Teleporter is activated by hitting the blue target. Make sure you're stood in the teleporter by the time the target is hit.