PicoShot is an attempt at squeezing a vertical scrolling schmup into 64x64 pixels.

There are two stages with multiple waves of enemies and end bosses. Various upgrades and power-ups drop when good progress is being made.

X - shoot
Z - special attack
ESC - quit

Made for LOWREZJAM 2019

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This game is good, the movement, the explosions, and the hitboxes feel great.  I liked the parallax scrolling, it really effects the immersion, and the game manages to fell great even without screenshake.

I think the player should meet the first boss earlier, I was almost to quit, thimking the enemy waves would just restart. I also noticed that staying on the bottom center with the green 3-projectiles kills most of the enemies before they can hit you.

Overall, I think this game woyld be better on mobile phones instead than PCs, but it's still good on PC ;)

P.S. The high score doesn't save when you quit. 

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Edit: I see, you have to hit one of the number keys to start the game.

For what it's worth, the game never finished loading when I tried in Chrome.

Hi-Score 12550, really nice and simple, love it man. =D

Amazing effects and parallax scrolling! Really great work!

Wow, that's a piece of a polished game right there :P

AWESOME GAME! I got addicted so quickly, the controls are so fluid and the sounds are suuuper satisfying. Excuse me now while I try and beat my high score :) (difficultly feels just right btw)

Its a cool endless game. Great for killing time.

Awesome game!!

Nice game!

Cool game!  I got a little ways into it, not to the boss though.  Little bug I found: press 2 and then 3 and text overlaps, also happens if you press 3 and then 2.  Love the graphics, you got a lot out of such a small space!  

Thanks for having a go! And for the bug report - that's fixed now.