PicoShot is an attempt at squeezing a vertical scrolling schmup into 64x64 pixels.

There are two stages with multiple waves of enemies and end bosses. Various upgrades and power-ups drop when good progress is being made.

X - shoot
Z - special attack
ESC - quit

Made for LOWREZJAM 2019

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Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorBen James
Made withDefold
Tags2D, Game Jam, Pixel Art, Retro, Shoot 'Em Up, Singleplayer


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The music is excellent. Out of interest where did you find it (or did you compose it yourself)?

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Your work is awesome.

I really admire what you're doing here :) I feel the characters move too fast (and possibly are too big) for the 64x64 resolution. I spent most of my time hiding in the bottom corner of the screen, there is so little time to react and move around the bullets.

24050 on first play, made it to the first boss.  smooooooth gameplay. 👍

This game is good, the movement, the explosions, and the hitboxes feel great.  I liked the parallax scrolling, it really effects the immersion, and the game manages to fell great even without screenshake.

I think the player should meet the first boss earlier, I was almost to quit, thimking the enemy waves would just restart. I also noticed that staying on the bottom center with the green 3-projectiles kills most of the enemies before they can hit you.

Overall, I think this game woyld be better on mobile phones instead than PCs, but it's still good on PC ;)

P.S. The high score doesn't save when you quit. 

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Edit: I see, you have to hit one of the number keys to start the game.

For what it's worth, the game never finished loading when I tried in Chrome.

Hi-Score 12550, really nice and simple, love it man. =D

Amazing effects and parallax scrolling! Really great work!

Wow, that's a piece of a polished game right there :P

AWESOME GAME! I got addicted so quickly, the controls are so fluid and the sounds are suuuper satisfying. Excuse me now while I try and beat my high score :) (difficultly feels just right btw)

Its a cool endless game. Great for killing time.

Awesome game!!

Nice game!

Cool game!  I got a little ways into it, not to the boss though.  Little bug I found: press 2 and then 3 and text overlaps, also happens if you press 3 and then 2.  Love the graphics, you got a lot out of such a small space!  

Thanks for having a go! And for the bug report - that's fixed now.