You find yourself marooned on a strange world and must find a way to escape. You start with nothing and must make use of things you find to progress.

Made for Ludum Dare 45

Gamepad support has been added but is sketchy with some controllers.
Fullscreen mode is currently disabled as it's broken.

jump - X
throw - C
exit - ESC

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorBen James
Made withDefold
Tagsalone, defold, Game Jam, isolation, Ludum Dare 45, Pixel Art, Space
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I agree with mrseguin, it's a shame no download available. It would be nice if you would go through your library and make all your games downloadable, I really don't like playing via web.
You have talent, I've been looking through your library and I've purchased Sector 781.
The main criticisms I have only have to do with packaging and bells and whistles, the games themselves are all great.
Those criticisms are:
Some games are browser only.
Lack of ability to rebind keyboard.
Lack of Linux port.

I think if you could fix those simple issues you might get even more fans!
Keep up the good work! 8)

A shame there is no windows build export like many of your others games because I like the style of your games. Where I live now (stuck in japan) I'm out of the web...can only use free wifi when I'm going out... tried to load this games many times but didn't succeed :(

Game looks great and combined with the music has a really nice feel.

The platforming works well enough, but the stone throwing mechanic I'm not a fan of. When I'm presented with a platforming challenge I want to beat it, not cheat it. The difference between something like this and Spelunky is that game has random levels where it feels like your meant to use items and such to get through, here the rocks don't feel as well integrated.

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this game would be great if I could see the whole screen


I Disagree :-) That's part of the charm and the way you move through the world. All you need to worry about is what's on the screen. No distractions, just one screen at a time..

I mean the game window doesn't fit on my screen.

Err, that doesn't sound right... So yeah, that's a problem :-/

really nice game , would like to see it expanded ...


Like the aesthetics, but the layout size is unfortunately really bad... I have a 16:9 screen and need to scroll up and down to see the full level.


Very pretty! Love the colors

Super quick, but very fun. It kept me thinking something bigger was going to be around the corner. Nothing was, but thats definitely not a bad thing. If you can capitalize on the suspense factor, youll definitely have something. Plus, I love the subtle increase in difficulty that you can literally see in front of you, given the jumps or the spike placement. It was fun!


This is great!