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Quite fun. Defender with intuitive controls ^^

Bug?: had a crash on wave/level 15 or so after 2 or 3 consecutive hyperspaces. 

Feedback: The game could ramp up the difficulty faster (or at least keep spawning tricky enemies during the whole level, not just at the beginning). This run seemed like it could last forever and I was never short of lives even though I did lose several. Managing bombs were more fun, those were well balanced :)

So good Ben.

Super cool, congrats!

Absolutely superb.

Experienced a random crash (game locked up hard with mostly white screen) on level 2 just after using a smart bomb and trying to hyperspace in quick succession (FF 105.0 / Linux) but after playing again repeatedly cannot reproduce :(

Great stuff.

Awesome ! The only thing i miss is the SFX of the Engine which is not here, otherwise it's really juicy :) 

Looks really good and is really faithful to the original. Well done! This game is still too fast for me though, also faithful to the original ;-)

Simple but effective :) I really like the "space invaders" mood, but i need to train a little ( i always crash on invaders :c )