You and 10 other miners are trapped inside a disintegrating asteroid. Rescue your friends, refuel the rocket and escape.

Rock Hopper is a non-violent game of exploration and discovery.

[SPOILERS] world map image

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Developed for MadeWithDefoldJam

Updated 17 days ago
Published 21 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
AuthorBen James
Made withDefold
TagsExploration, madewithdefold, Metroidvania, Non violent, Pixel Art, Speedrun


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Made a video

Nice short exploration game! I might have to replay to get all crystals but at least I saved all miners and found all artifacts on 1st try :)

Great work in the jam, this is fun. On my second playthrough, the one in the video, I managed to find all the ... secret goodies. Getting all the crystals would definitely be an even tougher challenge. :)

Just awesome!

Great game! Challenging and fun. I only found two of the artifacts but I'm tempted to go back and try again to find everything and improve my C rank. The pipe mechanic was fun and it felt great to spot the secret paths once I knew what I was looking for.

This is pretty amazing game :) Thanks for creating it :) great job, the exploration is pretty good. There is just couple of jumps and falls that cause frustration because if you miss that one jump you have to loop for a 30 seconds at least to come back and try it again :) but overall great job :)


Interesting idea, and quite fun to play. Though, it does become frustrating when you miss a jump and have to redo a bunch of rooms. I mainly had this for the miner in the room to the left of the rocket. I also feel like the game is too long. A smaller map (like 4x4 or 3x3) would have been better.

Ahhhhh man! I was almost finishing the game when it returned suddenly to the beggining when I pressed a key, I don't know  wich one :/ The game is very interesting! I liked it :)
Maybe you should think in to put some checkpoints to save the game, so we can't lose our time played. 
The game is really enjoyable