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Great game! 

Looks like a pretty cool game, except I think it all runs too fast on a 144hz monitor. The guy controls really twitchy and I don't have enough time to find all miners.

Rock Hopper (Walkthrought A Rank)

Great Game! You are a boss.

Excellent work! Plays great, looks great, sounds great.

Great level design

It's great, really fun, even for newbies.

Very fun game!

Hey there,

This is a really fun game, its so simple yet it packed a punch.


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I have stumbled upon this game a month ago now and I am still fascinated by it. I just love it. That's why I started speedrunning it. Here's my latest WR in Any% (no self-promo meant)


Just speedruned it a bit ! Really loved the game , genuily love to speedrun it. Here it is an Any% run of the game in 4:20. Still really improvable in my opinion.

If you want to give it a try yourself go ahead and submit a time there :

i somehow beat this game well it was surely fun ! i like it!


great game, lots of cool stuff, but the timer kills any 'exploration' for me.  also not being able to tell where you are except at map points makes things very disorienting.

lots of promise if you want to polish it up! 



Can you do better than me?

Made a video

Nice short exploration game! I might have to replay to get all crystals but at least I saved all miners and found all artifacts on 1st try :)

Great work in the jam, this is fun. On my second playthrough, the one in the video, I managed to find all the ... secret goodies. Getting all the crystals would definitely be an even tougher challenge. :)

Just awesome!

Great game! Challenging and fun. I only found two of the artifacts but I'm tempted to go back and try again to find everything and improve my C rank. The pipe mechanic was fun and it felt great to spot the secret paths once I knew what I was looking for.

This is pretty amazing game :) Thanks for creating it :) great job, the exploration is pretty good. There is just couple of jumps and falls that cause frustration because if you miss that one jump you have to loop for a 30 seconds at least to come back and try it again :) but overall great job :)


Interesting idea, and quite fun to play. Though, it does become frustrating when you miss a jump and have to redo a bunch of rooms. I mainly had this for the miner in the room to the left of the rocket. I also feel like the game is too long. A smaller map (like 4x4 or 3x3) would have been better.

Ahhhhh man! I was almost finishing the game when it returned suddenly to the beggining when I pressed a key, I don't know  wich one :/ The game is very interesting! I liked it :)
Maybe you should think in to put some checkpoints to save the game, so we can't lose our time played. 
The game is really enjoyable