Assume the roll of an international safe cracker saving for retirement. Travel from city to city cracking safes, stealing loot and avoiding detection.

Each safe requires a 5-digit code to open. Guess the code and receive clues as to whether your digits are high or low. You have a limited number of tries, displayed in the top right of the screen. Get caught and you can bribe the authorities... if you have the funds. Crack 12 safes and you can retire!

Made for NOKIA 3310 JAM 3

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Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
AuthorBen James
Made withDefold
Tags2D, Crime, nokia, Non violent, Pixel Art, Short


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i really like puzzles like these, very relaxing

For now,i finally can retired my fucking job and have a fun.It's a nice game.


this game is sweet. it has a lot of life in it

Nice little game, retired with almost half a million (are those amounts random?)! I love the detailed graphics and mood. Made me think of the earlier "Where is Carmen San Diego" games from 30 years ago. Great job!

I just beat the game, I found a real good strategy to beat it

In this game i realy feel what i'm real safe cracke


Its a nice game, although there is a really easy method that i found that just rushes through all of the codes, all u do is just start at 5-5-5-5-5 and then just follow the +'s and -'s, which kind of kills all the puzzle elements of the game, but for a game jam its a great game! If you ever wanna come back to this project and improve it, maybe add some more puzzle mechanics, or add so you can't put in 2 repetitive numbers, those are just some of the ideas. Good Job on the game jam!

I got that formula myself.

Once you get the method, there's no real puzzle left. Needs a backspace key, for those of us with uncertain manual control. Nice, tidy little game though.

This was such a nice idea! Everything felt so pleasant, I can imagine myself coming back to this a bunch for a little puzzler. Very well done!

Very Good Game

wow really suprised with this one! it was really fun ahah awesome idea

Playing some of the Jam entries for fun before I finish my own, yours is my favorite so far! Love the clean presentation, everything comes across great. Gameplay is also good bite-sized fun for such a small game. Really admire your work on this!

This is a beautiful and elegant game.


Nice game.

$447K for retirement, I swore I was out, but I might have come back for just one more job in a few years . . .


I enjoyed the game, it's a bit simple when you get the right strategy but it's still a lot of fun, and the way you can't go back on your mistakes is very tense feeling.

Great game! reminds me of the classic board game Mastermind


$336,300 for a retirement fund - not bad.

the game is very well done with pleasing visuals. I enjoyed coming up with a near perfect strategy, and would've probably continued to play if there were more levels!

Well done! :D


Is the perfect strategy the binary search? Where you half the range of your numbers each guess you do.

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I think this is a foolproof way of beating each level

1) start with 55555

2) for - drop that number to 3 / for + increase it to 7

3a) If you now have -- for a number decrease to 1 / if you have ++, increase to 9

3b) Otherwise (ie if the cumulative result is -+ or +-) the number is between the digits you entered

4) Repeat until you have all the numbers

This game is very arcade-themed I like it!