Battle your way through 3 realms of 'Sector 781', a pixel art Metroidvania platformer.

Upgrade your character and weapons; collect shards to increase your energy supply. Use teleports to navigate around the realms. Shoot things that move and some that don't move. Activate laptop checkpoints to save your position.

The free demo, playable in browser, shows the beginning of the game. If you like the demo and want to support me, the full downloadable Windows version is available for purchase.



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In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of £2.99 GBP. You will get access to the following files: 4 MB


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It needs a Pause button.


Questions about paid version: Is it playable with controller? Is the release an standalone or do I need a browser to play it? Can I play it in fullscreen? Is it short, medium or long game compared to for example Metroid Fusion?

I'm thinking of getting it, I really really liked the demo and I wouldn't have problem paying even the full price for this game, but those questions needs aswers please! (mostly the length one, as I don't want to end the game just when I'm having the most fun)

this. is. 10. /. 10.

that is great demo and really nice short metroidvania. Hope you release a OSX version later :)

nice demo. any chances that you're looking for someone to translate the game for you?

Damn, I really enjoyed, even the game is simple and short (demo I mean) looking to buy maybe!