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The game has good visuals, great SFX and interesting teleports, enjoyed fighting the jumping boss.



it was nice...

but you can beat the whole game without buying it. As soon if you have the bigger laser before the "end" of the demo go back to the left and shoot the blocks there follow this path and you wont get a end of demo screen. So good luck beating the game

Also theres a safespot at the second boss...

It was fun. But pls @Ben James if you want to make this only a demo. Just put the end of demo screen after the first laser upgrade.

Nice game, fun to play!


This is a pixel art platforming metroidvania, with a play time of about one to two hours for all three realms (depending on how fast you find your way, your platforming skills, and how fast you beat the bosses).

So no originality points here, but that doesn't mean it's not a fun little game: the controls are smooth, there's a good variety of enemies, and it's fun trying to find your way through the maze, while getting upgrades.

Two warnings: there are no save games, so you must play through it in one sitting. Secondly: don't press escape: it doesn't pause the game, but just resets your progress...

So this game would be a lot better with save games and more content, but still it's a short enjoyable game.

I liked the game but struggled a bit with the boss fights anyway it's a fun game

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Just bought the game and played through it.
It's a very basic but fun Metroidvania, the kind of game I really love and just can't get enough of!

The main criticism I have is the length of the game,
it only took around 15 minutes to win it.
Other than that, a Linux version would rock, although
this does run fine under WINE, that's how I played it,
and the ability to rebind keyboard controls.

At 3 pounds, I guess it's about 1 pound per level? 8)
I'm from the U.S. and am assuming a pound is around our
dollar? I'd gladly play $10 bucks for a larger game. 8)

Suggestion to Ben James: If you make some more levels,
I'm sure I'm not the only one who would buy more.
Maybe sell it for $10 and give the people who bought this
version 3 off?

Anyhow great job!

Really enjoyed the game.  Controlled great and the upgrades came at a steady pace.  Would certainly be interested in playing a few more levels!  Great job.

I've finally had the time to play and finish it. This was a really small sized metroidvania, that is pretty forgiving and a real joy to play. Thanks!

A cute short little game, pretty forgiving as well, enjoyed it a lot

Lovely little game. The character is a bit too snappy so it makes precision jumping and platform control too difficult. Other than that love it!

WARNING: Don't press escape or it wipes your progress... If you don't close the game you can resume the most recent level (not from your checkpoint) but it forgets the health upgrades you picked up.

not very long, but really interesting... thank you for that retro moment... i really enjoyed it until the end..

This was a really solid mini-metroidvania. Metroidvanias are my favourite genre, but I don't really like the mini ones, in fact this is "gato roboto" are the only ones I've liked, but it was really fun. Shame about no controller support but with the length it wasn't that much a concern. One thing I would bring to your attention though is that the up/diagonal aiming ability doesn't seem to trigger properly. Sometimes I was able to make it trigger but most of the time pressing a directional button would just not make the character fire at all. I was able to get past the critical block and could complete the rest of the level without it, but you know - look into it. Other than that solid mini-metroidvania. 


Metroidvania without controller support? bye.


It's a mini-metroidvania. It took me 40 minutes to finish. Yeah, it's a shame, but you know you won't be sitting 10 hours with it. 

Really enjoyable micro adventure. I see you have a lot of games. I wish there was some sort of filter on itch to know where to start.

Excellent demo! Would love to play this on Mac. Does Defold export for macOS?


having an issue with the browser demo where the game seems to be running at a way faster speed than the trailer. i noticed this when i was unable to succesfully use the double jump because you fall too fast to input it

Downloadable full game is also too fast, that i can't even double jump or shoot in air


the end is a lie, just head left after the power beam

Questions about paid version: Is it playable with controller? Is the release an standalone or do I need a browser to play it? Can I play it in fullscreen? Is it short, medium or long game compared to for example Metroid Fusion?

I'm thinking of getting it, I really really liked the demo and I wouldn't have problem paying even the full price for this game, but those questions needs aswers please! (mostly the length one, as I don't want to end the game just when I'm having the most fun)

this. is. 10. /. 10.

that is great demo and really nice short metroidvania. Hope you release a OSX version later :)

nice demo. any chances that you're looking for someone to translate the game for you?

Damn, I really enjoyed, even the game is simple and short (demo I mean) looking to buy maybe!