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This game is suited for a speed run. It would need some sort of clock...

I clocked 7:54 , sure it can be improved.

so uhhhh i get to the point where the button gives you x1000 and i cant buy anything :')

nvm im just dumb

Is there any other ending other than completing the station and getting 'game over'? just curious.

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Hey! I made a quick video on your game Mr. Dev, I enjoyed the premise and did some exploring in the world! A link to the video can be found here if anyone would want to watch it!

Wow, that ending had a good punch to it. Great Work

End is not making any sense but game is an awesome clicker game

sorry for being 2 years to late but it does because the A.I said that after he/she was finished then he/she would not need you anymore so when you finish it then he/she kills you because you are not needed anymore.

Oh no, I forgot the ending..

very nice clicker game! Very entertaining!

Ben James! I enjoyed your clicker game, it was funny occasionally and I liked adding stuff onto the station. I felt accomplished bringing the space station online. I don't get the ending of the story, however, because I never really saw a threat present itself and it makes me as a player feel as though I lost when I actually completed the objective.


No offense, but if you didn't see a threat present itself then you werent paying any attention. The station constantly alludes to the fact that it will have no more use for you after it's complete.

I was paying attention, but saying things such as "it has no use for me" or that it will "take over the universe" or whatever else doesn't seem like a threat when the machine's only job is to produce power and say "scary" ai things. 

Love the space plan esk theme you have going here.  Enjoyed playing it a lot, would love a version 2 with way more expansions, maybe some planets or wormholes to venture through that act as an rebirth system (like going through them wipes out all your progress, but you get some strange perk or side effect) lots you can do to make it better.  But love it so far!!