Troll and rage hardcore platform game. There is an ending and it is possible to beat the game without dying. Good luck with that.

Made for B&W Jam 2021

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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.4 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorBen James
Made withDefold
Tags1-bit, 2D, Black and White, hard, masocore, Pixel Art, rage, Speedrun, troll


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I couldn't get past the second level. X(

i figured out a glitch i need you to fix it its were when you die for a second the timer doesnt work so i died 280 times with a time of 3:06 i was confused then i tested again and its a glitch i just found out about it today

If anyone is interested in speedrunning this game, check here: Trigger Dungeon -

We'd love to have more runners.

kk my best is 3:26 with 7 deaths but i didnt record it so i will try to do it again and record it

Do you have a sr.c account? You'd be 1st place

i have an account but i need proof so i need to record it

Oh heck yea I'll join. I like to speedrun things, mostly shovel knight shovel of hope.


What is the secret ending how do you get there

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what are all the endings possible

edit- exept for hero and the secret one cause i have alr gotten them

What is the secret ending?

heres a hint its somthing to do with  the question mark blocks

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i got 5 minutes and 52 seconds and 40 deaths and after that i got 4 minutes 21 seconds 34 deaths\


It's so hard!

I really want to hate this because im stuck in a level since 10 minutes but its so amazing i just have to love it

this is pain

o my gosh. why does escape restart the game!?

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wrong way ur doing it wrong its a troll map but you can get to the end

you dont need to die to get to the end 

What does that have to do with anything? I pressed esc to pause the game and the game restarted back at the title screen. Don't know what im doing wrong.

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ok this may help but dont touch the things with the question marks - edit escape key restarts it if you doing speedruns- edit two its for speedrunners

This is one of the best troll games I've ever played. I think it's cause the character makes a cute squeak when it dies, so it doesn't feel like a punishment.

20 minutes, 25 seconds, and 159 deaths later and I finished it.

I think the tolerances are too low. Those "cheese bricks" seem to dissipate if you look them too close.

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Please tell me there's a save system. I got to a spot where it loops back to several screens and progress is too hard to make.

yea if you get restarted then you failed

I suppose that's the troll part of the game? Not cool.

I restarted the game and manage to get to the Hero's End. Does that mean there are more endings? What is the "Deux Ex Machina" switch for?

i absolutly love and hate this game. description coulbnt be more acurate, keep up the good work ben james :D

Hey Ben James! I was wondering if we could get in touch via Twitter or Discord! I am interested in adding trigger dungeon to my website! Thanks anyways!


10/10 I've got trolled enough, I'm satisfied. Good job dev.

Great stuff! Thanks for posting and well done for seeing it through to the end!

I got to Assorted Horrors. This game is nuts. I love it.